Caliburn Bats Story

Caliburn Bat Company is very unique. Unlike most wood bat companies, at CBC every step of the bat-making process, from choosing each piece of wood, to laser engraving the authentic Caliburn logo, is done by owner Don Erickson. Don has been involved in baseball for 28 years. He is a former college player and is currently the head coach at Reavis High School in Burbank, Illinois. In 2001, after several years of buying inferior wood bats for his players from large, impersonal companies, Don got fed up. He knew, with his woodworking background, that he could build a better club and so he decided to start turning his own bats for his kids.

In less than a year, his hobby had turned into a thriving business all based on word of mouth. A buzz began to grow in high school and college baseball circles that expressed how great it was to receive individual treatment from a small company. Today, even as CBC grows, Don continues to have his hand in every step of the making of your bat!