Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: What species of wood do you use?

A:  Only the best Rock Maple from Upstate New York and Canada

Q: What is the turn-around time on a custom bat?

A: Typically, a custom bat will be shipped within 7-10 days.  Please contact us, though, if you need a rush order.  Also, don’t forget that  Read2Ship bats are the same quality as our custom ones and will be shipped within 1 day.

Q: Do all Caliburn Bats come cupped on the end of the barrel?

A: Yes, they do. It allows us to better control the optimal weight and balance of your bat.

Q: Can you customize a different profile than the ones you have listed on your website?

A: Yes.  We chose our stock models because they are popular choices with MLB players. However, If you do not see a model you want, please contact us (link here) and we will be glad to make a custom wood bat for you.  Crafting bats by hand with a personal touch is what our owner Don does best!

Q: Do you offer warranties on Caliburn Bats?

A: Every bat created by Caliburn is inspected several times with precision throughout the production process. However, it is inevitable that bats, no matter how well made, will break at some time. For this reason, we do not offer warranties on our bats.  To extend the life of your bat, though…

  • Keep it out of the extreme cold or heat for extended periods
  • Don’t let it lay in the grass for hours (it could pick up moisture)
  • Square up the ball!  No jam shots or hitting the ball off the end of the bat (this is easier said than done!)
  • Don’t hit with heavy “dimpled” batting cage balls
  • Always hit with Caliburn label facing up or down.  Never on the side.

Q: How do I return an unused item?

A: As many of our bats are custom and personalized, we do not accept returns unless there was an error on our part (you received an incorrect item or it was damaged in shipping). If this is the case, contact us (link here) and we will assist you.